How to build a Puffy Snowman

November 25, 2021 0

After finishing the Snowy Past quest, you should check the event panel to see something called Born of the Snow. If you click on the button on the bottom-right, it should show you a specific […]

Patron review – Born to build and survive

August 10, 2021 0

City builders have been a staple of the game industry ever since SimCity established itself over 30 years ago. Then, from the traditional tycoon design, emerged a different interpretation of the city builder. These newer […]

Trailer: Build a legend with City of Atlantis

June 8, 2021 0

The legend of Atlantis comes to life in Gambit Games Studio and MeanAstronauts’ city-building and management sim, City of Atlantis. Live the legend City of Atlantis is an isometric city-building survival game set in the world […]

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