A new Milestone

August 23, 2020 0

If you collected comics back in the 90s, then there’s a good chance that you know the name Milestone Comics. As of this weekend, the brand is back. A new Milestone The year was 1993, […]

Into the FanDome

August 17, 2020 0

It’s kind of a weird moment in DC Comics’ history, but that’s not going to stop their online mega-event from happening. FanDome is almost here. Into the FanDome So, if you haven’t been paying attention, […]

HrmThings are gonna get weird

July 20, 2020 0

The man in the hat is back. Coming this fall from DC Comics’ Black Label line is Rorschach, a 12 issue series from Tom King and Jorge Fornés. Hrm So. Here we are. Not even […]

Begun, the Joker War has

June 16, 2020 0

The other one of the big two has just announced its slate of comics on the way for July. And much like Marvel, it’s a way bigger selection. Begun, the Joker War has As we […]

Not Your Father’s Flintstones | Brutal Gamer

June 9, 2020 0

Flintstones – Yabba Dabba Do? Back in the paleolithic town of Bedrock, the Flintstone’s have gotten quite the facelift. While it is still The Flintstones, it’s not quite the Flintstones we remember. Wilma creates modern […]

Icon Heroes GameStop exclusive Batman unveiled

June 8, 2020 0

Batman, suited up in his Arkham Knight armor, is exclusively heading to GameStop thanks to Icon Heroes. Arkham Knight You already know Icon Heroes from their work on DC Comics-based paperweights (which also make pretty […]

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