How do Seasons work in Diablo III?

February 7, 2023 0

Diablo III is a game that adopted a seasonal structure much earlier than others. Every few months, a new Season comes around bringing new mechanics, challenges, leaderboards, and balance changes. But you may be wondering: […]

Diablo III: Challenge Rift 294 NA/EU

February 7, 2023 0

Screenshot by PC Invasion Diablo III‘s Challenge Rifts are a great way to learn about other classes and gear setups while providing some rewards for progression. Every Monday at 4 PM ET/1 PM PT/Tuesday at […]

Diablo III: Altar of Rites guide

February 2, 2023 0

Season 28 of Diablo III includes a new, potent level of progression to the game — the Altar of Rites. The Altar contains 26 seals and three legendary potion powers, each of which grants characters […]

Diablo III: Season 28 balance changes

February 1, 2023 0

Screenshot by PC Invasion Diablo III‘s 28th Season is almost upon us, and Blizzard plans to bring a slew of balance changes to several classes and items with it. What is likely the game’s final […]

Dark Souls III servers are having issues again

September 21, 2022 0

The influence of the Dark Souls franchise and other Soulsborne games from developer FromSoftware has been immense. It culminated in the fantastic release of Elden Ring earlier this year, but around the same time a […]

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