High on Life: How to beat Nipulon

December 22, 2022 0

It’s time to take on the G3’s second-in-command. The boss fight against Nipulon in High on Life is far from the most difficult in the game, as it’s more of an extended narrative sequence than anything. But […]

The Medieval Dynasty team returns to take on the pirate’s life

December 21, 2022 0

Toplitz Productions, the publisher of Medieval Dynasty, has recently announced yet another follow-up called Pirate’s Dynasty. As the title suggests, Pirate’s Dynasty takes the Dynasty series away from the unforgiving Middle Ages and into a world of swashbuckling adventure. Even though […]

What movies are playing in High on Life?

December 16, 2022 0

Say you purchase High on Life and quickly grow tired of its gameplay and humor after a few hours. Surely, there’s some way you can justify that money spent? Well, fear not, because High on Life offers […]

How to open Luglox chests in High on Life

December 14, 2022 0

Squanch Games’ new first-person shooter High on Life just released yesterday, which means fans of Rick and Morty can see what Justin Roiland and team have in store for them this time. While exploring and dealing with the characters’ […]

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