Nintendo Download: SaGa, Ooh-la-la

December 1, 2022 0

Ooh-la-la? Yes “ooh-la-la”. It kinda rhymes with “Romancing SaGa”, which hits Switch this week along with Incryption and a few more notables. Tressame? Romancing SaGa does indeed hit the Switch this week, in HD remastered […]

Nintendo Download: Once Upon a Rogue

November 10, 2022 0

Rogue Legacy 2 of course takes the spotlight this week, but there’s a decent amount more to get excited about, like Tactics Ogre, Arigami 2, and Atari 50. Flood There’s a lot of stuff hitting […]

Nintendo Download: Aria of the Sparks

October 21, 2022 0

The wait is over, and Ubisoft’s sequel to Mario+Rabbids is here, bringing more of the strategic, turn-based action that made the original a hit. Gives ’em hope Yes, it’s time once again to dive into […]

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