Hammerting preview – Just a bunch of dwarves

October 26, 2020 0

Zero-to-hero colony sims like RimWorld usually take place in space. But fantasy? Dwarves? That’s a hard ask outside of the Dwarf Fortress series. As it turns out though, every gamer wants to control not one, […]

Dreamscaper preview – A night to remember

August 14, 2020 0

It is without a shred of irony that I boldly proclaim: Dreamscaper is the most stunning and conceptually unique rogue-lite I have ever played in my life. Usually, I trial a few different lines to […]

Windbound preview – Come sail away

August 5, 2020 0

There’s something innately satisfying about setting a course on open waters while keeping an eye out for land on the horizon. Windbound, a survival game with an awful lot of sailing, is aiming to give players […]

Metamorphosis preview — Small becomes all

July 23, 2020 0

One morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transposed into a video game adaptation of Franz Kafka’s oft-referenced The Metamorphosis. The game, which is just called Metamorphosis, releases later this year. I was able to […]

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