Britannia #2 (Comics) Review | Brutal Gamer

June 7, 2020 0

Valiant’s foray into ancient Rome picks up pace in issue two of Britannia, and continues to be a horror-tinged must read. Foul hellspawn in the far reaches of the Empire Britannia is very different for […]

Harbinger Renegade #1 (Comics) Review

June 6, 2020 0

The Renegades from Harbinger return to the Valiant Universe with a shocking first issue. Psiot Renegades Before we get into this review, there are a few things for the uninitiated. And if you’ve started plunging […]

Britannia #3 (Comics) Review | Brutal Gamer

June 6, 2020 0

Valiant’s Roman saga continues in the penultimate issue of Britannia. Evil infests the edge of the Empire When last we left hero Antonius Axia, he was at the business end of a sword. Wielded by […]

Valiant teases new X-O Manowar book

June 6, 2020 0

Looks like Aric won’t be on the shelf for long. A new X-O Manowar title isn’t all that far off. The Manowar It wasn’t all that long ago that we saw issue #50 of X-O […]

Harbinger Renegade #2 (Comics) Preview

June 6, 2020 0

Guess who’s back? Peter Stanchek returns in issue two of Harbinger Renegade. Return of the King Kris Hathaway, Peter Stanchek, Faith Herbert, and John Torkelson thought they could go underground. They thought they could get […]

Faith #6 (comic) Review | Brutal Gamer

June 5, 2020 0

Faith, a psiot, has become the protector of Los Angeles. Now she must face an escaped psiot prisoner. Find out what’s happens in Faith #6. Faith #6 We find Faith having her power siphoned off […]

Ninjak #23 (Comics) Review | Brutal Gamer

June 5, 2020 0

Valiant’s Ninjak kicks off a new arc, and brings together the character’s deadliest foes. The Seven Blades of Master Darque For some reason, I had the totally wrong idea of what Seven Blades was about. […]

X-O Manowar (2017) #1 (Comic) Review

June 4, 2020 0

After the events of last years X-O Manowar #50, Manowar is back in an intense new book, which looks like it will only escalate from here. With the peaceful ending to the last major Manowar […]

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