Miles Morales PC — Is it worth it?

November 18, 2022 0

Releasing Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales on PC as a standalone game a few months after the main game debuted on the platform is a bit strange. After all, both were easy to get as a bundle […]

Valkyrie Elysium PC — Is it worth it?

November 12, 2022 0

Valkyrie Elysium received a lukewarm reception when it launched on PS4 and PS5 in September. The game is now also available on PC, bringing with it hours of hack-and-slash action. Set in the same universe as […]

Season 8: Grand Harvest — Is it worth it?

November 7, 2022 0

Saber Interactive is closing off 2022 for SnowRunner with one final expansion for its second season of content — Season 8: Grand Harvest. This latest content drop truly is grand in the fact that it introduces […]

The Unliving Early Access — Is it worth it?

November 7, 2022 0

When you’re bored, you can never go wrong with the rogue-lite genre. If you want a new one to play, there’s always an upcoming game lurking around the corner. The Unliving entered Early Access today, […]

Shatter Remastered Deluxe — Is it worth it?

November 2, 2022 0

I played Shatter when it first released and was quite taken with it. I’ve always liked brick breakers and the game not only offered a strong product that captured what I loved about the genre, but included […]

A Big Adventure PC — Is it worth it?

October 28, 2022 0

Sackboy: A Big Adventure is the latest game to make the jump from PlayStation to PC. While previous titles have been major AAA powerhouses like Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War, this is a more whimsical affair. The […]

A Wakfu Legend Early Access — Is it worth it?

October 20, 2022 0

What’s this? Another roguelite deckbuilder that uses Slay the Spire‘s general structure and systems? Who could have possibly foreseen this turn of events? Yes, One More Gate: A Wakfu Legend is very much one of those […]

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