Attack of the space mutants

September 28, 2020 0

Landing in stores this December, Marvel’s latest brings on writer Al Ewing, as SWORD takes a team of X-Men into space for a new ongoing. Attack of the space mutants House and Powers of X […]


August 31, 2020 0

The big X-Men event for 2020 is almost here. The off-the-wall premise sets Marvel’s mutants up against a new force of enemies, with swords drawn. “I’m consistently thrilled to see X-Men characters with swords and […]

Blades of KrakoaA new event dawns

August 25, 2020 0

Ready for a big X-Men crossover? Then you might be excited to see that we’re finally closing in on X of Swords, Jonathan Hickman’s latest epic. Blades of Krakoa So here we are, a few […]

Death of X fills in post-Secret Wars blanks

June 9, 2020 0

Marvel’s mutants are in shambles, but Death of X is poised to answer the biggest questions. The Terrine Mists wreak havoc The X-Men and the Inhumans are on a collision course. Cyclops is missing and […]

Marvel teases ResurrXion with Iceman solo book

June 7, 2020 0

2017’s RessurXion might mean that the X-Men will be coming back in force in the Marvel U. RessurXion I feel like a broken record today, but – don’t get too excited yet. Thing is, if you’re an X-Men […]

Logan First Trailer And Impressions

June 7, 2020 0

Logan First Trailer “Nature made me a freak,man made me a weapon,and God made it last too long.”– Logan There has been plenty of discussion regarding the next Wolverine movie. Well, we now have a […]

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