Take a look at the re-making of a classic with Flashback

Ubisoft has released a very cool little video showing off the improvements and enhancements that they’ve made to the classic sci-fi side scroller Flashback.

Before you start watching, if you speak primarily english make sure ‘captions’ are turned on.

You know, usually I’m not the biggest fan of remakes and ‘HD’ versions of classic games, but Flashback looks like I always wished it did back when it was first released way back in 1992. There isn’t a hugs amount of info on the game at the moment, but you can pretty much expect to see a close re-telling of the story in the original game, just with some massive graphic and sound overhauls.

Microsoft has already announced that Flashback will indeed be a part of their Summer of Arcade Xbox Live promotion with a launch date of August 21st and a price tag of 800 MS points. As for the PS3 and PC, those versions of the game are coming too, but there’s no details on pricing or availability as of yet.

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We’ll let you know as soon as we have more info on it. In the meantime, enjoy the screens- especially the comparison shots, which are just plain neat to see.

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