Talents guide — The best perks to choose

Talents guide -- The best perks to choose

Whenever you level up in King’s Bounty II, you can pick from up to 40 talents to further boost your character. However, these are further subdivided into categories based on your ideals/alignment. If you don’t meet a certain requirement, then you won’t be able to acquire talents from that particular tier. Here’s our King’s Bounty II talents guide to help you select the best perks and skills for your campaign.

Note: For more information, check out our King’s Bounty II guides and features hub. We also have a beginner’s guide to get you started with the basic mechanics and combat system.


King’s Bounty II talents guide – The best perks to select

I suggest taking a look at our King’s Bounty II ideals and alignment system guide as a companion piece. The decisions you make during quests, whether it’s Order vs. Anarchy or Finesse vs. Power, let you acquire points towards a certain ideal/alignment. In turn, you should be able to unlock new tiers and the talents therein. The talent tiers themselves follow these ideal/alignment point requirements:

  • Tier 1 – No requirements. You can just assign points whenever you feel like it.
  • Tier 2 – Eight points in a particular ideal.
  • Tier 3 – 16 points in a particular ideal; might require you to upgrade tier 2 perks.
  • Tier 4 – 28 points in a particular ideal; might require you to upgrade tier 3 perks.

It’s possible to hit 28 points for two ideals (i.e., Order + Finesse, Order + Power, Anarchy + Finesse, or Anarchy + Power) based on the decisions you make during certain quests. However, it’s not possible to max out two ideals that are diametrically opposed. Also, when you follow a specific ideal, there are thresholds that prevent you from completing quests in a manner that will oppose that viewpoint. I mentioned this in our official review, and it’s downright confusing at times.

Anyway, you can refer to the pages below for the parts that you need help with:

Note 1: Please remember that most perks can actually be upgraded, though they’d cost additional talent points. You can expect to assign a total of 180 talent points once your character reaches the level 30 cap. Additionally, you can reset your talents by clicking on the button at the lower-left corner of the panel. This is free the first time you do this, but subsequent attempts cost exorbitant amounts of gold. Oh, and unlike talent points, alignment/ideal points can’t be reset.

Note 2: I’ve added an image below showing my talent tree when I completed King’s Bounty II‘s campaign. To clarify, I missed out on a single Finesse decision that would let me hit 28 points. Thank goodness I kept a backup save when I was testing different outcomes.

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