Tales from the Borderlands comes to the big screen (and Twitch)

Itching to see some more of Telltale’s adventurous take on Gearbox’ Borderlands series?

Love that trailer… anyway, if you’re in Texas, you’ve got a chance to see some of the game played out on the big screen of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema! And if you’re not? Well, you can always check it out on Twitch, courtesy of Nerdist Industries.

The initial episode of the new adventure game series from Telltale will be shown off at the legendary Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Richardson, Texas on Monday, November 24th. Zero Sum (that’s the name of the first episode) will play out over 135 minutes (it’s the whole first episode kiddos), and tickets will cost you zippo with the purchase of a $4.00 food voucher, which you were probably going to buy anyway.

Tickets are super-limited to this showing though, so you might want to click here (to grab ’em) sooner than later, if you’re in the area. And again, if you’re not in Richardson, Texas on Monday, you can always check out Nerdist’s Twitch feed to see the whole episode in the comfort of your own vault home.

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