Talk with the Civilization V: Brave New World team live today

April 11, 2013
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Publisher 2K Games and Dennis Shirk of Firaxis will be showing off Civilization V’s new expansion Brave New World, taking questions and giving some hints as to who might be showing up in the game- all live later today.

Watch live video from 2K on

Check back here at 10:30am pacific time (1:30pm eastern) to check out the new footage of the expansion for one of the best strategy titles in recent years. You’ll also be in for a look at some of the features coming for of Civilization V: Brave New World and get some hints at who the new ‘leader’ character will be before he/she’s announced tomorrow.

And if you have any questions about the expansion, get ’em ready as Dennis will be available answer fans’ burning inquires after the demonstration is finished.

Civilization is a big deal in any format and Brave New World is looking to expand on the super-addictive fifth entry in the series in a big way.

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