Tamriel goes unlimited starting today in The Elder Scrolls Online

No subscription fees, and all the Elder Scrolls action you could want. This is Tamriel Unlimited.

MMO’s generally turn me off. At the core, I just don’t like the subscription model in the least as I feel forced to play as much as I can in order to justify the monthly cost. And when that happens, I get turned off big time. I also love the Elder Scrolls series though and so, if you’re like me at all, then this news today from Bethesda is most welcome.

And that news of course, is that the subscription fees have officially been dropped away from The Elder Scrolls Online. And this is no stripped-down version either, actually, it’s just the opposite. Tamil Unlimited includes the original base game, plus all 6 of the updates. And yes, as you saw above, that includes the awesome new ‘Justice System’ and the Champion System. Not stopping there either, the new version of the game also opens up the ‘premium membership’, as well as the Crown Store “where you can purchase customization and convenience items”.

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All of this is available to gamers for the cost of admission alone, and all current accounts have been automatically upgraded to take advantage of the new pricing scheme. Even if you’ve let your account lapse, you’ll find that you can log back on and start playing again.

Tamriel Unlimited is available now for the PC, and will be hitting both the Xbox One and PS4 this June the 9th.

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