Team Ninja is ‘investigating and addressing’ the bugs and crashes plaguing the PC release of Wo Long

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty just came out today, and at first glance, its launch seems to have gone over fairly well. The PC version of Wo Long currently has an 82 Metascore on Metacritic, with many critics praising its fast-paced, parry-centric combat system. Heading to the user reviews on Steam, however, we see a different story. As it turns out, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty‘s PC release has come out less than polished, with players citing a host of bugs, performance issues, and crashes that bog down the experience. Unsurprisingly, Team Ninja has already responded to the criticisms levied at the PC version and promised to address them via a future patch.

Team Ninja announced this upcoming patch through the official Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Twitter account. Naturally, the developers thanked players for lending their support for the game, but they also apologized for the issues that players have faced and the inconvenience that resulted from them. They assured fans that they have begun looking into these problems and will put out a patch sometime soon. Team Ninja specifically cites camera controls with a mouse as one of the problems this patch will attempt to fix.

What do the user reviews say about Wo Long bugs?

Wo Long‘s issues on PC have proven so disruptive that the game currently sits at a Steam user rating of “Mostly Negative” based on over 3,300 reviews. Many of the reviews discuss subpar framerates and poor optimization for mouse and keyboard, alongside other problems. One of the top reviews calls Wo Long “a good game buried deep beneath the biggest catastrophe of a PC port that I have ever seen.”

Team Ninja stated that it will share more information on the Wo Long patch and the various bugs and issues it will address in the future. Until then, if you wish to play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you will probably want to avoid the PC version.

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