Tears in rain

Marvel’s new Alien run teams man and machine

Synthetics and humans, and the relationship between the two, plays a central role in Marvel’s upcoming Alien series this fall.

Tears in rain

Every Alien/Aliens fan knows all about synths. Synthetic humans, or robots really, play a pretty big role in the mythos and have since the beginning. The first and second films in the series, as well as the latest (if you count those) have featured them in varying roles. And that’s not to mention that one of the biggest fan favorite characters from the whole series is one. That’s Bishop, if you’re wondering.

Cover by Björn Barends

Now Marvel Comics will be picking up on the machine-men once again, with this fall’s Alien #1. That’s right, it’s set to be a brand new series for the publisher, that brings the terrifying alien beasts to bear once again. The big difference this time, is that synths will be right in the middle. Though they sound like they’ll be pretty different than any we’ve seen before.

The synths in the new Alien #1 will be living secluded from their makers, in their own colony. Of course, that’s short-lived, as they’re approached for aid, in retrieving “biotechnology on a hostile planet that could be the key to saving humanity”.

Phillip Kennedy Johnson will pickup the writing mantle once again, continuing from his first Alien run with the publisher. He’ll be joined by Julius Ohta on art, and Björn Barends, who’ll be providing the cover of the inaugural issue.

Look for Alien #1 on the stands this September the 7th.

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