Telltale unleashes first screens from Tales from the Borderlands

The upcoming adventure game based in Gearbox’ Borderlands universe gets a better look as new screens featuring Fiona, Rhys, and a Vault Hunter you might recognize- Zero.

Ryhs and Fiona are the stars of the game, but we already knew that gamers would will definitely encounter some Vault Hunters from games past, and now we’ve met the first with Zero. Taking place after the events of Borderlands 2, and very much ‘in canon’, Tales from the Borderlands features the aforementioned pair of Pandorans as they try their own hand at fortune and glory in the dusty plains of the forsaken planet.

Both characters will be playable in the game, with their individual perspectives switching at different time in the narrative.  Just how many characters from Borderlands 2 might be present and accounted for in the tale is unknown as of yet, but there’s plenty more to come on they sone before it hist consoles and the PC.

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For more, click here to check out a PlayStation Blog interview with the game’s producer, Adam Sarasohn,

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