Temtem Clubs details revealed ahead of Kisiwa patch

Temtem Clubs details revealed ahead of Kisiwa patch

The Temtem summer update, also known as the Kisiwa patch, arrives next month, and one of the new features is Clubs. Clubs serve as Temtem‘s version of clans or guilds. They are a social place for trainers to gather, play together, discuss the game, and, in the future, take part in special challenges. Numerous details about Temtem Clubs were recently revealed in the game’s Discord server, but now the team has taken to Twitter to share the info.

Temtem Club details

The 50-tamer limit on Clubs might sound a bit low if you were imagining large social groups banding together to play the game. However, for the foreseeable future, I can’t imagine any Temtem challenge that would require you to need anywhere near that number of players. Besides, Temtem is about being the best tamer you can be. There should be competition between players and groups of players. Big Clubs that monopolized the top players would be boring.

Club names can be up to 25 characters. That’s fairly long and leaves a lot of room for players to be creative with their choices. The abbreviated names are also rather long for video games, coming in at 10 characters. Usually, the “clan tag” only shows three or four characters. You’d best start thinking of names now so you can register them the moment the Kisiwa patch drops.

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Customizable banners for Clubs should also prove interesting. A big question is where these might be visible, too. Hopefully, Temtem players can show their Club name and banner while exploring the Airborne Archipelago and battling in Ranked Matchmaking.

Crema also reminds players that this is just the first iteration of Clubs. It will be used for players to gather together with friends and community members they enjoy engaging with. Streamers can also gather their top followers in their Clubs. But the Clubs challenges, Dojo Wars, and any other Club-related content will only come in a future patch.

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Crema has also revealed that the summer update will add 10 new Gear items, 40 new Techniques, and more than 25 new Traits. Let’s not forget about the 25 new Temtem that will also come to populate the new island in the Airborne Archipelago.

Here’s the Temtem short-term Roadmap, which details all the new features coming to the game this in July.

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Temtem Short Term Roadmap 2020

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