Tesla takes on Lovecraft in new twin-stick shooter

Fictional versions of classic real-world figures mix it up in a horror/fantasy setting with Tesla vs Lovecraft. The twin-stick shooter is on the way to consoles this month.

Science vs Fear

Here’s one that I totally forgot was coming up, but I’m glad we got a reminder.

If you didn’t watch the trailer, Tesla vs Lovecraft is a twin-stick shooter that pits power-pioneer Nikola Tesla against horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. Yes, that’s really the premise, though the end result is just a little more fantastical than you might think. In fairness though, it would kind of have to be. Otherwise this probably wouldn’t be a game that a lot of people would want to play.

Have a peek:

Looks pretty slick, huh? Tesla vs Lovecraft was touted as a Nindie, which is what Nintendo calls Indie games, but it actually is set to appear on all consoles. And all of those, by the way, are set to hit digital storefronts this month. While the PS4 version of the game is coming up on the 13th, the Switch and Xbox One versions are tracking for a 16th debut.

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Of course, if it’s the PC edition that you’re looking for, well you could actually play that today. It apparently landed on Steam on January the 26th.

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