Thanos #1 (Comics) Preview | Brutal Gamer

Thanos #1 (Comics) Preview | Brutal Gamer

The Mad Titan Thanos returns with an ongoing comic from Marvel.

Thanos returns

He is the greatest evil the universe has ever known. An unstoppable force whose name is whispered in hushed tones across the galaxy. Feared from one end of the cosmos to the other, he’s returned to take back what is rightfully his! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside THANOS #1 – the new ongoing series from all-star creators Jeff Lemire (Moon Knight, Death of X) and Mike Deodato (Avengers, Invincible Iron Man)!

Venture into the dark depths of one of Marvel’s most vile villains as he enacts vengeance on all who would stand in his way. In his absence, Thanos’ grip on the cosmos has loosened. As he returns to the stars to terrorize the galaxy once more, reborn and reinvigorated – are there any that can stop him? Many will try, including members of his own family – Thane, Starfox and many others. Will they succeed where others have failed?

This November, it’s good to be bad. Be there when unspeakable evil comes to comic shops on November 16th in THANOS #1!

Cosmic villainy

As we head into the phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, presumably, arch-villain Thanos will get a lot more play. So it’s only right that fans get a new comic starring the character, and that’s just what we’ve got here. He hasn’t been seen much since the big Infinity event a few years back either, so Thanos has had time to brood and get nice and angry. So with that in mind, I’m sure we’ll be seeing a very angry Mad Titan in these pages.

That’s a good thing too. Thanos has, at times, played an almost anti-heroic role in the Marvel U. It’s about time that he gets back to what he does best. By that of course, I mean being bad. Very, very bad.

From the sounds of that tease above, it seems that’s exacta what we’re in for. Spreading terror amongst the stars? Sounds like the big, purple, nasty that we’re all used to. Scroll down for the full preview of issue number one, landing at retail in a few weeks.

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