That Batman: Arkham HD Collection might be real after all

Rumored and then vanished from any kind of news, a GameStop employee has snapped a pic of a listing for a Batman: Arkham HD Collection, and it looks like the collection is finally on the way.

Great news if you’re a fan of Rocksteady’s now legendary series of Batman games, it looks like the HD Collection is as close to being official as it can get. And it’s all thanks to a GameStop employee who snapped a picture of the internal GS listing for the title and sent it to Eurogamer.

The game collection looks to also be known as Batman: Return to Arkham, and will include both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. You won’t get either Arkham Origins or Arkham Knight in the set, but really, that’s not all that big of a loss since the first two games are the best ones as well (no, it’s NOT arguable).

The games will get an updating in terms of visuals according to the listing, and will also include all the previously released DLC for both, which basically equates to a ton of content. There’s also a pre-order availability date of today for the set though, and a quick search of the US GameStop site yielded no results.

I guess that doesn’t technically mean anything though, as the pre-order could simply be going live later today, or even tomorrow if there was a bump in the road. As for a launch date, that looks to be set for June the 10th.

Stay tuned for official word.

Source: Eurogamer

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