The 11th World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is Canada

The 11th World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is Canada

Canada, the land of poutine, maple syrup, and loveable moose is the confirmed next stop for the Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 11.

Quite appropriately placed after the tenth World Update, which was the USA, the upcoming upgrade for Canada will bring with it an extensive list of enhancements including fresh satellite imagery, improved elevation data, spruced up airports, and handcrafted Points of Interest.


A nature lover’s dream

Canada and the US share the longest international border in the world, clocking in at a staggering 5,525 miles. That said, most of Canada’s population doesn’t live too far from that border. The most populated cities in the country, such as Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec and Montreal, straddle the southern portions of the country. But Canada’s territories stretch well north, where miles and miles of untamed wildlife roam and forested areas and large lakes thrive.

On that note, Canada can technically be classified as being underpopulated. With only 38.5 million people calling it home, it has far more land area than people. That’s a good thing for nature lovers, though, as it’s a big reason why it has so many beautiful spots to explore that have remained mostly unspoiled.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Pc Beech Model 18 In Canada 4 (copy)

Considering that there’s so much remote land to cover, it will be interesting to see how the team at Asobo brushes up the scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Then again, the Australia World Update fell into a similar situation, seeing that so much of Australia is just dry, barren desert. Yet it still turned out to be a beautiful upgrade, as the Outback looks stunning from above. So, no doubt the rolling forests of Canada will also provide a similar rugged flying experience. It seems like bush planes will be the tool of choice for this adventure.

World Update 11: Canada will launch for Microsoft Flight Simulator in late September.

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