The Anacrusis: Guides and features hub

The Anacrusis: Guides and features hub

The Anacrusis follows in the footsteps of online co-op shooters like Left 4 Dead and Back 4 Blood. The difference is that, instead of relying on the horrors of a zombie apocalypse, you and your teammates need to fend off hordes of aliens. The sci-fi themes are also combined with cartoony, retro-futuristic design. Our guides and features hub for The Anacrusis teaches you everything you need to know about perks, weapons, alien enemies, and more.

Note: Please be reminded that the guides herein are based on the Early Access version of the game.


The Anacrusis guides and features hub

Character selection and loadoutsThe Anacrusis features four characters. Do you actually get to choose which one you’ll play for the rest of your run? What about the loadout screen?

Single-player and multiplayer: Solo with bots, crossplay with peeps, and party codes – You can go through levels as a group or you can go at it alone with bots. Here’s what you can expect whether you’re soloing or buddying up.

Survival: Pulse, healing, and revives – Learn about the mechanics that can keep you and your teammates alive. Pulses are used to push away hostiles. Healing and reviving, meanwhile, are integral to your success.

Upgrades: The best perks from the Matter Compiler – You can improve certain functions or the types of weapons that you use depending on the perks that you pick.

Combat: Alien enemy types – The space station in The Anacrusis is filled with hostile aliens, many of which are transformed into grotesque creatures with unique abilities. Here’s what you can do to eliminate them.

Combat: The best regular weapons and special weapons – We discuss the different kinds of high-tech weaponry that you use in the game.

Combat: The best grenades – Complete your arsenal by bringing grenades that can add utility, or make everything go boom.

The Anacrusis is available via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and the Xbox Game Pass.

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