The best abilities to cut your way through the night

The best abilities to cut your way through the night

Aragami 2 has a lot of abilities that can make your character a hell of a lot deadlier. But the skills truly vary in usefulness. To help with this, I’m going to share what I consider to be the best (and some of the worst) skills in the game, so you have a better idea of how to spend your ability points. It’s worth mentioning that the game really doesn’t last long enough for you to get enough points for everything, but you can reset your skill tree for gold, so experimentation is also fine. We also have a handy guide for easily farming experience quickly, which will help you get more points. Without further ado, here are some of the best skills.

Get a move on

Dashing is the best move in your arsenal. Therefore, there are two abilities in Aragami 2 that are above and beyond the best it has to offer. Jumper is the first one. It can be upgraded twice and it lowers the stamina cost of anything that uses stamina. Which will mostly be dashing and running. It pairs perfectly with Ghostly Dash, which turns you invisible immediately after dashing. After you upgrade this ability, you’ll be invisible for a whole second after dashing. With your reduced stamina cost, that means that you can chain dashes and even regain stamina before your invisibility runs out. It basically makes you invisible as long as you keep dashing, which is completely broken. Granted, Jumper is a level 4 ability and Ghostly Dash is level 6, so you won’t be using these early game. Earlier in the game, you can also make use of the Wraith ability to do this, but it recharges slowly and only lasts eight seconds, so it’s not terribly useful.

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Aragami 2 Best Abilities 2

For the early ninjas

Chameleon is indispensable early on. It’s level two, so you’ll have access to it right after you buy Whisper, so it’s very early on. Chameleon lets you turn invisible while pressed against a wall. It stays active as long as you don’t move, so it’s extremely useful for hiding in plain sight. However, enemies can sometimes still spot you even when you’re invisible, so don’t think that you’re 100% safe while cloaked. This ability’s upgrade lets you turn invisible after hanging from a ledge, but most enemies don’t look up anyway, so that’s not as useful.

The other most useful ability in level 2 is Dark Flame. It’s easy to sleep on this one, but with just one point in it, you can stun enemies around blue lanterns and you’ll even cloak while within the mist. Its upgrade is even better, as it allows you to totally knock out any enemies that get caught in it. Important objectives are often placed near blue lanterns and this skill recharges quite quickly, so there’s plenty of reason to make regular use of it. Mesmerize is available on level three and it’s one of the best abilities in the game as well. It allows you to stun an enemy, letting you either sneak past them or kill them outright. Even better, once upgraded, the ability stuns enemies near the target too. It’s a very helpful ability.

Take ’em out

There are three abilities in Aragami 2 that let you take out any enemy you wish from a certain distance. They’re Shadow Kill, Shadow Pull, and Warp Strike. All three have a longish cooldown, but if you swap between them, you’ll have regular access to take out annoying foes. Shadow Kill is probably the most useful. It lets you summon a shadow dragon that eats your target, leaving no trace behind. It’s harder to get spotted while using this too. Shadow Pull is also super handy, as it lets you drag an enemy to your location, at which point you knock them out. You can obviously kill them immediately afterward if you so choose. Warp Strike, on the other hand, is the riskiest of the three. Unlike the other two, it warps you to your target, where you assassinate them. There’s an upgrade that turns you invisible immediately after, but you’ll only want to use this one on truly secluded foes.

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Aragami 2 Best Abilities 3

And then there are the crummy ones

As for the weaker abilities, there are a good amount that I’d advise not wasting your ability points on. The most tempting ability is Momentum. It promises to let you dispose of your closest enemy after performing an assassination. When it works, a shadow Aragami will show up alongside a nearby foe and assassinate them. There’s just one giant hitch though; it usually doesn’t work. I noticed it working twice after hundreds of kills. For whatever reason, it just doesn’t trigger much, which the description doesn’t clue you into. If it worked, this would be one of the best abilities in Aragami 2. Since it doesn’t, I have to advise everyone to steer clear of it.

Bloodsmoke is the next dubious assassination ability. The description doesn’t do a good job of explaining how it works. You have to equip the ability before assassinating an enemy. Then, you press the ability button during the assassination, and only then will you get the invisibility cloud. It has its uses, but you’re better off not assassinating enemies that would attract much attention to begin with, so its usefulness is limited. The Divination ability is on the same level, and you’ll probably end up buying that one since you need the points to get to level three, but it’s not useful. Enemy patterns are so insanely simple that you don’t need to see their routes. It honestly just adds visual clutter that I think the game can do without.

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Defensive Stance increases the rate at which your stamina increases while blocking. But you shouldn’t be blocking anyway. You should be parrying, so leaning on this will only get you in more trouble. You’ll also regenerate stamina normally as soon as you release your block, so this ability is just a waste of points. I’m not going to break down the rest in detail, so I’ll just tell you why they’re no good. Mirage increases your stealth bonus while you’re still, which isn’t useful at all. Shadow Veil is similar. The enemies in Aragami 2 are practically blind as-is, so you don’t need to waste points on anything like that.

Aragami 2 Best Abilities 4

The rest of the abilities are mostly supportive and just not worth mentioning or buying. They’re just kind of there. Getting vitality back for knockouts and assassinations isn’t bad by any means, but support functions for healing and tools just aren’t where you want your points to go for most of the game. I hope this abilities guide has been of use to you. Just remember to keep stabbing and you’ll be alright.

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