The best Scrybe starting deck for Act 2

The best Scrybe starting deck for Act 2

So, you’ve just defeated all the bosses in The Cabin, and you also managed to solve all the secret puzzles. That means you’ve likely escaped this area in Inscryption. But, your journey is far from over. After a couple of short scenes, you’ll be able to select “New Game” from the main menu. You’ll then appear in a strange land and, from the get-go, you’ll need to make an important choice. Here’s our Inscryption guide to help you with the best Scrybe starting decks for Act 2.

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Inscryption cards guide – The best Scrybe starting deck for your journey in Act 2

The world in Act 2 of Inscryption is akin to an old-school RPG (think Game Boy graphics). The intro tells you of four powerful Scrybes scattered in various locations. As you can see from the featured image, there are four altars representing these beings. You get to choose which Scrybe you’ll replace.

To be clear, this just means that your character will have a starting deck with multiple cards that follow a particular theme for that Scrybe. However, you’ll still acquire additional cards as you explore (seen below). The problem is that cards follow a certain mechanic, and some might be too complex, confusing, or downright weak at this stage.

Note: If you want to try other choices down the line, you can copy “Savefile.gwsave” and “Savefile-Backup.gwsave” from the game’s Steam installation directory. You should find these files in: steamappscommonInscryption.

Inscry Ccg A2 Scrsdc Gd 1

Grimora: Scrybe of the Dead

Here’s Grimora’s starting deck in Inscryption:

  • Skeleton – 1/1; free; perishes after attacking.
  • Draugr – 0/1; 1 bone; can’t be sacrificed; release a creature inside it when it perishes.
  • Gravedigger – 0/3; 1 bone; generates +1 bone at the end of your turn.
  • Zombie – 1/1; 2 bones.
  • Frank & Stein – 2/2; 5 bones.

Grimora‘s cards rely heavily on generating and managing bone tokens. Similar to Act 1, these are acquired through various means, but primarily whenever one of your cards gets destroyed. The issue here is that you could end up using too many cards as fodder before you can bring in some powerful variants.

Inscryption Act 2 Best Cards Best Scrybe Starting Deck Grimora Leshy P03 Magnificus 1

Leshy: Scrybe of Beasts

Here’s Leshy’s starting deck in Inscryption:

  • Squirrel – 0/1; free.
  • Stoat – 1/2; 1 blood.
  • Warren – 0/2; 1 blood; when played, a Rabbit (0/1) is created in your hand.
  • Adder – 1/1; 2 blood; automatically cause a creature to perish when it’s damaged by this card.
  • Hawk – 3/1; 2 blood; directly damage your foe even if there’s another creature opposing it.

Personally, I think this is the best starting deck for the second act of Inscryption. You’ve already been using these cards during the first act, and you’re well aware of sacrificing Squirrels. If you’re able to acquire more blood-type cards (i.e., Grizzly and Urayuli), then that’s even better since you can just rely on some old, but straightforward and reliable tricks.

Inscryption Act 2 Best Cards Best Scrybe Starting Deck Grimora Leshy P03 Magnificus 2

PO3: Scrybe of Technology

Here’s PO3’s starting deck in Inscryption:

  • L33pB0t – 0/2; 1 energy; blocks a creature with the Airborne sigil.
  • 49er – 1/1; 2 energy; will move to the direction inscribed in the sigil at the end of your turn.
  • Automaton – 1/1; 3 energy.
  • Thick Droid – 1/3; 5 energy.
  • Steambot – 2/2; 6 energy.

Inscryption Act 2 Best Cards Best Scrybe Starting Deck Grimora Leshy P03 Magnificus 3

P03’s cards have a slightly more complicated mechanic due to the energy resource. This appears as a blue bar at the upper-left corner of your HUD when you’re engaged in a battle. By default, you start with +1 energy, and it increases gradually every turn.

There are other factors to take note of, such as cards that can boost energy build-up, as well as support cards that can buff your robots. However, this usually means waiting for each turn to pass until you have the energy you need for better robots. Likewise, if support pylons are destroyed, you’ll lose the buffs, too.

Inscry Ccg A2 Scrsdc Gd 2

Magnificus: Scrybe of Magicks

Here’s Magnificus’ starting deck in Inscryption:

  • Emerald Mox, Ruby Mox, and Sapphire Mox – Free; can’t be sacrificed; used as resources so you can place down other cards (explained below).
  • Mage Pupil – 1/1; free; destroyed if there are no Mox cards on the board.
  • Junior Sage; 1/2; Emerald Mox.
  • Mage Knight – 1/3; Ruby Mox; destroyed if there are no Mox cards on the board.
  • Blue Mage – 0/1; Sapphire Mox; draw cards equal to the number of Mox cards on the board.

Magnificus cards are quite powerful, but their mechanics are even more complex due to the usage of Mox. These are magic crystals that pertain to a specific color (i.e., green, blue, or orange). Several creatures in this category require a Mox card with the matching color before you can place them down. In some examples, like the Mage Pupil and Mage Knight mentioned above, the cards will be destroyed if you don’t have Mox crystals on the board. This can also happen if an opposing creature destroys that Mox card, so watch out if your enemy likes to use swarm tactics.

Inscryption Act 2 Best Cards Best Scrybe Starting Deck Grimora Leshy P03 Magnificus 4

Building your deck and the auto-complete option

If you press the tab key, you’ll see all the cards and their respective categories. You can click on 20 of the ones that you want to use in upcoming battles.

You may also click on the auto-complete button to have a deck readied immediately. As you obtain additional cards from battles and chests, you can mix and match accordingly to come up with a hybrid deck.

Inscry Ccg A2 Scrsdc Gd 3

The world map in Act 2 of Inscryption

The interface might be quite different, and the mechanics and deckbuilding might be confusing at first, but combat during Act 2 of Inscryption still follows the same rules. Oh, and you’ll probably notice a hammer icon when battling enemies. This lets you destroy any card immediately to free up space or prep new creatures to play.

Anyway, to progress further in Act 2 of Inscryption, you’ll head to Grimora’s Crypt, Leshy’s Cabin, P03’s Factory, and Magnificus’ Tower.

Inscryption Act 2 Best Cards Best Scrybe Starting Deck Grimora Leshy P03 Magnificus 5

Inscryption is available on Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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