The best skills for campaign and Survival Mode

The best skills for campaign and Survival Mode

There are a total of 27 skills that can be unlocked in Sniper Elite 5. Some are quite decent and very much integral as you progress through the game, while others don’t need to be prioritized. Here’s our Sniper Elite 5 guide to help you with the best skills and perks for the campaign and Survival Mode.

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Sniper Elite 5 – The best skills for campaign and Survival Mode

XP and skill points in Sniper Elite 5 are accumulated in both campaign and Survival Mode, though you’re free to allocate them as you see fit. For instance, let’s say you played a few campaign missions and you were able to assign 15 skill points in total. If you decide to play Survival Mode, those 15 skill points will be there for you to allocate. In any case, we’ll outline the categories below.

Combat Skills

Back In The FightUse a Medkit to revive yourself when incapacitated1
No Time to Bleed
Combat Medic
Secondary weapons can be used while incapacitated1
While reviving, use all Bandages instead of a Medkit2
Advanced Triangulation
Enemies are scope tagged when they damage you1
Enemies are scope tagged when they shoot you2
Steady Hand
Swift Hands
Scope shaking from taking damage is drastically reduced1
Enemies are automatically looted after a takedown2
Grenade Throwback
Quick Trap
Tap “E” to quickly throw a live grenade1
Tap “F” to quickly throw a trap down; the trap is not visible to enemies in combat2

Combat Medic and Advanced Triangulation are very useful, especially during hectic moments. The former lets you save your sole Medkit when you need it most, only using up Bandages which tend to be plentiful. The latter, meanwhile, should warn you where enemies are so you can plan ahead.

Moreover, Grenade Throwback, though it’s situational, can be a lifesaver at times. For example, if you’re surrounded by numerous hostiles and you’re happily camping in a spot, you can just toss every grenade that lands near you as opposed to running out in the open to avoid the explosion.

However, I consider Swift Hands to be one of the best skills in Sniper Elite 5 (at least in the campaign). If you want to rush through enemies and do quick takedowns, the last thing on your mind is spending several seconds when trying to loot them all. As such, an auto-loot perk considerably speeds up your run while also negating a fairly tedious mechanic.

Sniper Elite 5 Best Skills Guide 1


Skill NameEffectSkill Point Cost
Scavenge Weapon AmmoAmmo can be removed from Found Weapons1
Carry More Decoys
Pistol Special Ammo
Increased carry limit for Bottles and Decoys1
Adds a second special ammo slot for your Pistol2
Carry More Explosives
Secondary Special Ammo
Increased carry limit for Grenades and TNT1
Adds another special ammo slot for your Secondary Weapon2
Carry More Traps
Rifle Special Ammo
Increased carry limit for Teller Mines and Schu-Mines1
Adds a second special ammo slot for your Rifle2
Extra Item Slot 1
Extra Item Slot 2
Adds another item slot1
Adds yet another item slot2

The perks here are more straightforward, as each segment will increase a particular type of weapon or item. For the most part, you’ll probably want to get Extra Item Slot 1 and 2, as well as Rifle Special Ammo.

Sniper Elite 5 Best Skills Guide 2


Skill NameEffectSkill Point Cost
Maintain FocusThe longer you are in Focus, the longer it takes for effects to wear off1
Focus Range
Focus Movement
Increases the radius of Focus1
Increases your movement while Focus is active2
Health Boost 1
Health Boost 2
Adds an extra health segment1
Adds another extra health segment2
Speedy Recovery
Health regeneration begins sooner1
Heart rate is reduced when using a Bandage or Medkit2
Deep Breath
Reduces the heart rate increase caused by sprinting1
Reduces the heart rate increase caused by Empty Lung2

The additional health pips are definitely useful if you’re playing Survival Mode or the higher difficulties of the campaign. Still, you can’t go wrong with Deep Breath. In situations when you’re faced with numerous enemy waves, you’re likely to have Empty Lung (i.e., slow-mo aiming) active. The perk should slightly aid you when managing your character’s heart rate, so you can aim and snipe for prolonged periods.

Sniper Elite 5 Best Skills Guide 3

Sniper Elite 5 is available via Steam.

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