The BG Game of the Month for November is Death Stranding

November was a powerful month for big games, mainly because of headliners Death Stranding and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Death becomes him

As you can tell from our headline, there was one of the big two that edged out the other for the Game of the Month as goes our opinions here at BG. November had no tie to report on. And that game of course, was Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding.

The walking simulator action/adventure (?), which is more than a little hard to describe, had an all-star cast of Hollywood talent, as well as Kojima’s signature storytelling style. That culminated in a tale that included weirdo monsters, an apocalypse of sorts, a quest to reconnect humanity via the internet, and a holographic Conan O’Brien.

From our review:

The beauty about sharing my opinion on Death Stranding is that people will most definitely disagree with me and that’s a-ok. I just think that a lot of people will be deterred by the slow start and the overly complicated mechanics but everything after that is gaming perfection.

Our score: 92%

Runner up: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

As you might’ve guessed, the runner up for the month was Jedi: Fallen Order. Set in the early days of the Empire, Fallen Order is a single player epic, much like the GotM winner. Unlike that game though, there’s actual action to be had here, and some of the best lightsaber wielding ever. It’s also set in the (let’s be honest) best era of the Star Wars canon – the days of the Empire.

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You play as former padawan and current Jedi on the run, Cal, who’s setting out to face down the worst that the Sith-controlled galaxy can throw at him. Well, that and maybe reform the Jedi Order while he’s at it. Though, you can guess how that goes.

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