The Delicious Last Course — Glumstone the Giant tips guide

The Delicious Last Course -- Glumstone the Giant tips guide

Glumstone the Giant may not be the first boss you battle in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course, but he is certainly one of the most memorable. Personally, he’s my favorite boss in the new DLC due to how wacky the bout goes. He’s not the most challenging of bosses, but he’ll still keep you on your toes. This guide includes some tips on how to beat Glumstone, allowing you to continue your journey in The Delicious Last Course.

To get to this boss, you’ll need to have access to the righthand section of the island. Y0u’ll spot his big, stone feet sticking out of the side of a mountain, just to the right of the climbers.


The Delicious Last Course — Glumstone boss tips guide

Phase 1

Glumstone starts off on the right side of the screen. Stone pillars in the center will constantly rise and fall, as tiny gnomes occasionally scurry up one to smack you with a hammer. Try and stay on a pillars that are at their lowest. This will keep you from getting hit by geese, which Glumstone summons by holding a “Geese Xing” sign and using his nose as a whistle.

  • Avoid standing on the ground if you can help it. If you walk on the ground, gnomes will attack you with their sharp and pointy hats — like spikes.
  • Gnomes in blue clothes will come out of the ground to toss gold nuggets at you, so watch out for these projectiles.
  • Gnomes can be killed. Watch for the blue gnomes on the ground and wipe them out as fast as you can. The green gnomes attack you with hammers, but they can also be killed.
  • When Glumstone lowers is right hand, he’ll pull out a bear that enters the screen from the left. Stand on the furthest pillar to the right to avoid damage.

You get a parry opportunity when Glumstone pulls his jaw down to reveal a bubbling cauldron. Dodge the purple clouds but parry the pink ones to charge your special.

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Phase 2

In the second phase, Glumstone retreats to the background and attacks you with a pair of hand puppets. The puppets will rise up and down, tossing a ball that deals damage. Watch for the lumps on the ground: those are gnomes getting ready to fly in the air.

  • The angle of the ball throw depends on the height of the hands. If the hand is lower, the bounce is closer to the center.
  • Gnomes will pop up from the Glumstone’s discarded beard, but they can be killed.

Your parry opportunity in phase two happens when a pink gnome pops out of the beard.

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Phase 3: the belly of the beast

Once phase two is complete, Glumstone will just get tired of your nonsense and swallow you whole. What a poor loser. Anyway, once you’re in his stomach, you have a new witch-like, fleshy foe to fight. What I can only guess is his, ugh, lower esophageal sphincter (yes, I looked it up) gained sentience, the new enemy slides from side to side of the arena while spitting chicken legs and bones at you.

You can only stand on the skulls of what I believe to be dragons, floating on the surface of stomach acid. Gnomes wearing scuba gear will breach the surface to spit darts at you. This has gotten weird, but also great.

  • The skulls will go under if they snatch a chicken leg, so watch where you’re standing.
  • When a skull gets hit by a bone, it will open its mouth to reveal a pink tongue waving a pink cowbell. Parry it to force the skulls back to the surface.

Suggested weapons

The Spread and the Wind-Up weapons work best against Glumstone. Use the Spread in the first phase when you’re close to his face, and change to the Wind-Up to fight the hand puppets and, ugh, lower esophageal sphincter. Of course, the best weapons in the end are what work well for you, so be sure to experiment.

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