The Delicious Last Course — How to unlock the secret boss, plus tips on winning

The Delicious Last Course -- How to unlock the secret boss, plus tips on winning

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course has six new bosses to fight. Or does it? In reality, there’s actually one more hidden away on the DLC island. The secret boss of The Delicious Last Course is one of the toughest you’ll face in the game, and I’ll explain how to unlock it and offer some tips.

You can unlock the secret boss in The Delicious Last Course by completing the graveyard puzzle sidequest. It’s not a complicated puzzle, mind. You’ll need to buy the Broken Relic Charm from Porkrind’s shop. Next, head to the mountain climber trio and talk to them. What they say will clue you in which tombstones in the graveyard you must activate. Watch for directions in what they say. If the first-place winner says something like “downright,” then they refer to the tombstone in the third row on the right. For a more detailed explanation on the graveyard puzzle, hit up our handy guide.


Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course — The secret boss fight + tips and tricks

Once you complete the graveyard sidequest puzzle, you can enter the secret boss room. You’ll find yourself on a platform that drops off on the left and right. On either side of the screen is an angle and a demon, who immediately start lobbing projectiles. A single cloud platform with a lightning bolt moves from side to side over the arena, rising and falling. The angel and demon swiftly swap places, as a blue column of light sweeps across the arena and occasionally becomes a pillar of flame.

In other words: “welcome to Hell.”

This is not an easy fight. In my opinion, this may be the hardest fight in all the game. But don’t worry: I managed to beat this boss, and came away with fresh bruises and tips on how you can also win.

  • The angel will fire an empty projectile that becomes a fireball after swapping with the demon.
  • You can tell which projectile will become a regular or pink fireball by checking the outline color. Pink fireballs can be parried.
  • The cloud rises and falls, and the lighting underneath will damage you.
  • Watch for the edges: falling means you lose one HP.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Dlc How To Unlock Secret Boss Fight Tips 2

Choose the right weapon

The fight will keep you on your toes. There are a lot of projectiles flying around, so I suggest using a tracking weapon. Try the new Crackshot weapon included in the DLC. It will allow you to focus on dodging, and you can still dish out damage. Use the special move at every chance you get. It will continuously fire shots for a few seconds before disappearing. Use the special below one of the bosses, so it doesn’t disappear after getting damaged. Try and parry it before it vanishes, as it’ll track one of the bosses for additional damage.

Another good weapon to use is the new Twist-Up, which fires a small tornado upward.

Use Ms. Chalice’s unique moves

Ms. Chalice is far more acrobatic than Cuphead or Mugman. One of her key moves is a dodge roll, which offers some invincibility frames. You can use the dodge roll to get through the cloud’s lightning if the area above it has too many projectiles. A good way to survive with the dodge roll is by rolling through the pillar of fire and the lightning cloud as they meet up. Wait for the fire pillar to move toward you while doing this, otherwise you may end the roll at the same location as the fire. Doing this will allow you to bypass both hazards at once.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Dlc How To Unlock Secret Boss Fight Tips 1

With good timing, you can roll through the lightning and fire without taking damage.

Don’t go for the parry if it means taking damage

Avoid taking any unnecessary risks during the fight. If you see an option to parry but have no way of doing it safely, then don’t. The fireballs will appear and disappear, meaning you could end up parrying the air. Instead, parry only when you think you can get away with it, and focus on staying alive. This is a long battle, so don’t try anything you’d regret.

The good news to all this is that, unlike other fights in The Delicious Last Course, the secret boss doesn’t have multiple phases. All you need to do is hand out damage and survive long enough, and you’ll earn your victory.

Once you beat the terrible twosome, you earn the Cursed Relic as a Charm. With this, each boss battle becomes much harder. You are set to one HP, parrying gives only a little bit of super charge, and your weapons will randomize.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is available on PC.

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