‘The Device’ will be activated in Fortnite at 2 PM EST today [Update]

'The Device' will be activated in Fortnite at 2 PM EST today [Update]

[Update – June 15 @ 1:45 PM EST]: The servers for the Fornite ‘The Device’ event are now packed. To watch the event, Epic suggests one of three options here

In less than an hour, the world of Fortnite will change again. A device known as… The Device is set to go off at 2 PM EST today, and there’s not much time to secure a good vantage point. In fact, Epic Games is suggesting you get your seats for the event early.

Those seats also may come with a splash warning. The Device is an object that has the power to do something. Honestly, we’re not all too sure what the thing is supposed to do in the popular battle royale. However, hints, rumors, and speculation all point to a possible flood.

For some time, leakers and data miners have been discovering interesting additions to Fortnite. Back in April, Twitter use Skin-Tracker discovered underwater swimming animations. You could already swim in Fortnite, but the files found suggested you’d be able to dive into deeper waters. Later, in June, a new piece of splash art leaked. It showed the world of Fortnite completely under water, save for a few islands. Leading up to the leak, players were discovering mysterious pools of water growing throughout the environment.

Fortnite Chapter2 Season3 Puddles

Mysterious water.

The Device likely would have blown months ago, however. Those animations found in April were the clue that something was just around the corner. However, Fortnite Season 3 was hit by a series of delays. The last one was in early June, in which Epic postponed the event in respect to Black Lives Matter.

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Get your floaties on

After much delay, The Device is finally prepped to do the thing. As mentioned, we still don’t know exactly what it’s going to do, and how it might bring about a Biblical flood. If you’re aching to know, you’ll need to log into Fortnite, and do it now. Epic is encouraging players to hop in at least 30 minutes early, or risk missing the event due to a packed house.

“The clock is ticking, his plan is in place, can the Storm be Broken? The Storm rages on,” wrote Epic Games in a news release. “Will Midas’ Machine break the Storm?”

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