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The Devil in Me is the fourth game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, and it’s also considered as the Season 1 finale. In a way, you’ll notice several QOL improvements from the previous titles, and a slightly longer campaign that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Here’s our The Devil in Me guides and features hub to help keep your characters alive, obtain collectibles/achievements, and find all possible deaths.

Note: We’ll add more articles to our The Devil in Me guides hub, so stay tuned.


The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me guides and features hub

Official review – A mansion that’s filled with traps and shifting walls, as well as a killer that’s on the loose. The tense and foreboding atmosphere never lets up. Still, is The Devil in Me worth your while?

Everyone Survives walkthrough – As usual, the main goal is to keep everyone alive throughout a night of dread.

All Premonitions – Find the pictures that will reveal potential fates.

Directive 8020 and the last Premonition – This last one lets you glimpse a moment from the next game in the series.

Dumb Ways to Die: All character deathsThe Devil in Me has numerous possible death scenes.

Fastest ways to kill characters – Of course, you can try to eliminate your characters as early as possible.

The Suffocation Room – You’ll have to choose which character runs out of oxygen.

The Glass Trap – And, in this one, you’ll have to choose who gets squashed.

How to save Connie the Dog – Please make the right choice and save the doggo!

Lake finale (main variant) – This is one variant of the finale.

Ultimatum finale (alternate variant) – The second variant leads to a grim resolution.

All ending scenes – Find out what types of ending scenes you can get in The Devil in Me.

How to get the Guilty achievement – Distrust leads to danger and death.

How to get the Man of Many Interests achievement – Gather a bunch of business cards.

How to get the Say Cheese achievement – Take photos of the main characters whenever possible.

How to solve the Fusebox Puzzles -Restore power to various areas.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available via Steam.

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