The Devil in Me: How to farm Obols fast

The Devil In Me Obol Farm Fast Locations Guide

The Devil In Me Obol Farm Fast Locations Guide

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Obols are a new type of collectible currency in The Devil in Me. These coins have historical significance. The Greeks and Romans placed them in the mouths of the dead, believing that their souls will need to provide payment to the ferryman Charon. And it’s quite fitting considering that this series is all about death and murder. Here’s our The Devil in Me guide to help you with the fastest ways to farm Obols so you can unlock Dioramas and get the I Like Money achievement.

Note: For more information, check out our The Devil in Me guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains minor spoilers.


The Devil in Me guide – Fastest ways to farm Obols to unlock Dioramas

Obols in The Devil in Me have different values depending on their symbols:

  • Dog – 1x coins.
  • Boat – 2x coins.
  • Skull – 5x coins.
  • Dove – 10x coins.

To be clear, you don’t actually need to collect every single Obol piece in the game. That’s because the coins reappear when chapters are restarted/reloaded. Moreover, there’s a ridiculously fast way to farm Obols in The Devil in Me. Here’s the gist:

  • Go to: C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\TheDevilInMe\Saved\SaveGames
  • You should find a file called SPSaveSlot0001.sav. It could be a different number depending on how many new files you’ve created, or a different format entirely if you’re playing co-op.
  • This file is updated whenever the game autosaves (i.e., during cutscenes, important moments/choices, or upon exiting he game). We’re going to create a backup of this at opportune times.
  • Also, make sure you create a separate folder where you can place the backup save file. You’ll be copying this back to the SaveGames directory each time.
  • Lastly, we suggest doing this only if you’re playing solo, as it might bork your multiplayer progress.
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Interrogation Obol farm in The Devil in Me

The picture you see above comes from the Interrogation chapter. After Jamie solves the third Fusebox puzzle, you can shimmy to get through a wall and enter Kate’s room (the one with red light). The Skull Obol is on the desk.

Do not pick it up yet. Make a backup save and place it in a separate folder.

Once you’re done, grab the coin and watch the counter go up. Next, exit back to the main menu. Copy and paste the backup file to the SaveGames directory, then continue the game. After reloading, you’ll be in the hallway as though you just shimmied past the wall. You can jog to pick up the coin again, and redo the whole process.

Tdp Devim Ob Cnfrm Gd 2

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Maze Obol farm in The Devil in Me

An even faster way to farm Obols in The Devil in Me can be found in the Maze chapter. Regardless of the character you’re using, you need to successfully complete the “Don’t Breathe” minigame. This ensures that you can obtain the “Searching” Premonition.

Anyway, jump down the lower level and make your way to the statue of the two dancers. Head up the staircase to grab the lever, and bring it to the electrical switch in the lower section. Go back up the steps and press the three buttons on the control panel to reveal a hidden passage below the statue.

Do not go down yet. Instead, just create a backup save at this point.

The Devil In Me Obol Farm Fast Locations Guide 1b

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Now, retrace your steps from the staircase. Instead of heading to the left where the lever and control panel are, make a right. You should see a dove Obol in the small nook. This is worth 10x coins. Exit back to the main menu.

Copy and paste your old backup file in the SaveGames directory before you picked it up. When you reload, you’ll be right next to the control panel, as though you just revealed the secret passage. So, just head to the opposite nook and grab 10x coins each time. Soon, you’ll have 200 Obols in The Devil in Me, netting you the I Like Money achievement, as well as all the Dioramas you want to unlock.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me is available via Steam.

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