The Double Fine Productions Humble Bundle is everything you think it is

The Double Fine Productions Humble Bundle is everything you think it is

Video games have been around longer than many players have been alive. The same goes for long-running studios like Double Fine Productions, a developer celebrating its 20-year anniversary this month. The studio was formed back in July of 2000, creating some of the most memorable experiences in gaming. If you have yet to experience the listicle of titles from the San Francisco-based studio, now’s the time. Humble Bundle, in partnership with Double Fine Productions, has rolled out a new sale, bringing a laundry list of titles to you at a discount.

There’s no doubt that you’ve probably heard some mention of Double Fine Productions and the games the studio has produced over the years. Notable releases include Psychonauts, Costume Quest, and Broken Age. Even titles like Brütal Legend have garnered somewhat of a cult following due to the main character being voiced by Hollywood actor and musician, Jack Black. All of the aforementioned titles are included in the Humble Double Fine 20th Anniversary Bundle, providing some context for the studio and its past works.

Double Fine Productions Games

Bonus goods

The Humble Double Fine 20th Anniversary Bundle is currently now up for grabs on the Humble Bundle store. Pay more than the $8.60 USD average price and you’ll get all of the titles listed above. However, if you break open the old wallet clamp and spend more than $9 USD, you’ll unlock party titles like Gang Beasts, or classics, like Grim Fandango Remastered. Other bonuses include unlocks for various soundtracks, including Escape Goat 2.

For the unacquainted, buying on the Humble Store sends a portion of your purchase to charities listed on the sale page. In this case, the two main charities benefiting from the sale are SpecialEffect and Girls Make Games. Your purchase also includes the option to select one charity of your own choice, with more than a thousand to choose from.

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