The Elder Scrolls Online updates out now on PC, September on consoles

The Elder Scrolls Online updates out now on PC, September on consoles

The latest Elder Scrolls adventure is here with The Waking Flame. Expect to see new dungeons, as well as a host of fixes and improvements like HDR.

The Gates of Oblivion rolls on

The Elder Scrolls Online gamers are right in the middle of a massive storyline dubbed The Gates of Oblivion. The year long arc just saw the close of its latest chapter, Blackwood, and is now ushering in a bit of a stopgap with The Waking Flame.

From the press release, The Waking Flame doesn’t sound like it has much to do with Gates, but it does add in some new content regardless. That mainly comes in the form of improvements and a pair of new dungeons.

The dust has settled from the events of The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood, yet schemes of Mehrunes Dagon persist in its aftermath. With his dominance growing stronger, The Elder Scrolls Online: Waking Flame DLC will deliver two new four-player dungeons: The Dread Cellar and Red Petal Bastion.


Aside from The Waking Flame, all TESO players can look forward to Update 31. Packed into that is “a bevvy of bug fixes and performance enhancements, plus new houses, furnishings, and houseguests available in the in-game Crown Store.”

All that is out now for the PC version of the game, plus:

  • Dynamic resolution scaling enabled for Performance Mode on Xbox Series X|S and PS5, scaling resolution on Xbox Series X and PS5 between 1080p-2160p and on Xbox Series S between 1080p-1440p
  • For all consoles except for the base PS4 and base Xbox One, a new HDR mode known as “Default” arrives in the Waking Flame DLC, a brand-new setting to keep the intended look of the game’s original artwork while taking advantage of the increased range. For players who prefer the way ESO looks in HDR right now, that mode will remain an option under the name “Vibrant”
  • ​For PC Players, the console render multithreading setting that debuted with Console Enhanced in June will arrive on PC through a new opt-in beta setting, a feature intended to increase frame rates

While the PC updates are available now, console players will have to wait til September 8th. That’s when it all lands on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Oh, and it’s also coming to Xbox Game Pass.

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