The Elder Scrolls Online’s Autumn Event detailed this week

The Elder Scrolls Online’s Autumn Event detailed this week

Get ready to plunge back into the high fantasy realm of The Elder Scrolls Online, as the game’s Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event gets a livestream.

Adventure as you like it

It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost time for another massive storyline to open up in The Elder Scrolls Online, with Legacy of the Bretons. The Autumn Event for the long-running online RPG from Bethesda will get a livestream event this week, detailing what’s to come.

Fans can expect the show to get into Firesong, the final piece of story DLC planned for 2022. The expansion’s adventures will be delved into, and then some. Those who link their Twitch accounts will be able to take home some special downloadables for their own copies of the game.

The Legacy of the Bretons Autumn Event livestream will be live on on Thursday, September 29 at 3PM EDT. During this special event, members of the ESO community and development teams will give an exclusive look into the upcoming Firesong DLC including its story, setting, characters, and challenges. In addition to the DLC deep dive, there will also be announcements revealing 2022’s upcoming events for the ESO community. 

Fans who tune in to watch the stream will also earn an assortment of rewards! For those who watch the stream for at least 15 minutes will receive a Clouded Senche-Leopard Cub pet and an Ouroborus Crown Crate as Twitch drops. 

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