The Enchantress socks it to Injustice II next week

One of the last fighters heading to NetherRealm’s DC Comics fighter Injustice II, the Suicide Squad’s Enchantress is almost here.


Looking pretty cool there is miss June Moone, who DC fans know better as the Enchantress. A pair of entities in actuality, June is possessed by an ancient and very evil spirit, giving her tremendous magical abilities. Of course, she completely looses control of herself as Enchantress takes over, but you know… can’t have everything I guess.

As you can see, she seems to have a good deal of close quarters and ranged attacks, all of which look to relay on the magical theme of the character. That’s a good thing, since Enchantress is no physical powerhouse.

January 9th is the date for her arrival on the Injustice II roster, which is this coming Tuesday. Of course, that’s for “Ultimate Edition” owners or those that have bought into the Ultimate Pack or Fighter Pack 3 options.

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If you’d rather grab Enchantress separately, you can totally do that too, you’ll just have to wait a bit longer. Honestly not that much longer though, since she’ll be up for purchase and download a’la carte on January 16th.

Injustice II is available on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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