The fine art of subversion detailed in new Sherlock Holmes trailer

Disguises and false identities lead to all new choices for cracking cases for the consulting detective.

You really can’t have too many ‘detecting’ mechanics when it comes to Sherlock. The character takes advantage of pretty much every major and minor convention of the profession in his various adventures, so the more the merrier. Here of course, we get to see Sherlock donning a disguise and becoming ‘one of the guys’ in a seaport dive bar as he tries to get some info out of a local tough.

Also, who knew Holmes was an arm wrestler? Stallone’s got nothing on the lanky Englishman it seems. It’s also nice to see that you can skip stuff like the wrestling; presumably if you’d prefer to play out the game in a more traditional, adventure game style. Personally, I think it might break up the standard mechanics a little, which would be a good thing for those who like  more varied game.

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The subverting (and arm wrestling) fun kicks off when Crimes & Punishments – Sherlock Holmes arrives on the Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC this September the 30th.

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