The Five Kasen weave together poetry in new Genshin Impact story trailer

The Five Kasen weave together poetry in new Genshin Impact story trailer

The pen is a powerful asset in Genshin Impact, with legendary poets and authors making their mark on Teyvat culture. HoYoverse is ready to uplift these literary geniuses with a brand new story trailer that follows the legacy of the legendary Five Kasen in Genshin Impact. The Five Kasen are a group of legendary poets that made their mark in Inazuma. They also have a story presence in the latest Hues of the Violet Garden event.

The Hues of the Violet Garden event centers on several of the game’s most literate characters coming together to investigate a strange case. Playable characters Xingqiu, Kazuha, Ayaka, and Venti have made the most of their screentime in this event, and the story is coming to a bustling conclusion as they gather together at the Irodori Festival. It’s a grand event for those who are fans of the game’s many characters.


The Irodori Festival

In the trailer, the aforementioned characters revel in the lore of the Five Kasen. The story revolved around the poet Suikou who presented a poem to the almighty Raiden Shogun. When presenting the poem, a page from his book had been ripped out, leading to him pleading guilty to the Shogun. Now, this story continues in modern-day, as a similar case plagues our heroes in a plight of phantom poetry.

You can check out the new event story involving the Five Kasen in Genshin Impact version 2.6. The Hues of the Violet Garden Event is far from over, and there’s plenty more to do aside from the story itself. The Theater Mechanicus event, for instance, is a fun tower defense mini-game, and there are other fanservice-rich story quests involving some of your favorite characters like Klee, Arataki Itto, and Albedo. It’s a literary extravaganza for all Genshin Impact fans.

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