The Flash ready to speed onto the CW’s Fall schedule

Grant Gustin is Barry Allen, the fastest man alive.

You’ve got to be smiling if you’re a Flash fan right now. The new show, coming this Fall, is looking pretty terrific and has a lot going for it right off the bat with a real superhero vibe (nothing dark and shadowy about it), the classic origin more or less intact for the main character, and one of Flash’s rogues right in the first episode.

It’s so great to see immediate interaction with DC’s other TV hero, Green Arrow as well. The strength that a shared universe offers has been one that Marvel Comics has enjoyed for years now with its feature films and DC is just dipping their toe in the water with Arrow and The Flash. It’ll be very interesting indeed to see what happens now with the movies coming down the line, spinning out of last year’s Superman film, Man of Steel.

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The followup to MoS will be the currently in production (and much talked about) Batman/Superman movie. It’s well known that there are a lot of other DC characters in that film than just the title characters though, with both Wonder Woman and Cyborg confirmed. It’s also heavily rumored that one of the Green Lanterns and maybe even Martian Manhunter will be in it as well. With all of that to chew on, my educated guess is that the Justice League will be a making a cameo at the end of the film. That’s especially probable since it’s already been announced as well that after Batman/Superman, we’re getting a movie based on the premier crime-fighting team in the DCU.

That leaves the question of what happens with The Flash? Arrow is one thing since he really isn’t well known as a Leaguer, but Flash most definitely is and his absence (or recasting for the movies universe) would be odd at the very least. The solution is a very easy one- join the DC TV and movie Universes into one entity. With no confirmation from the comic book publisher or Warner Bros as of yet though, it remains to be seen if that seemingly obvious move is one that they’ll be making.

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As of now, it’s perfectly fine to get excited about The Flash. And Barry will be blazing that famous crimson-colored trail on the CW this Fall, airing on Tuesday nights.

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