The friends and foes of Spidey get cataloged in the new Ultimate Spider-Man character guide

A free download, Marvel has announced a special ‘thank you’ to Spidey fans for supporting the newish cartoon show Ultimate Spider-Man.

The digital offering, which is free, includes 20 pages of content and lists Spider-Man’s allies and enemies as they’re seen on the Ultimate Spider-Man: Web-Warriors TV show. You’ll find the likes of Nick Fury, Doc Ock, Electro and more included here, each with a detailed bio and backstory.

It kind of reminds me of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe card files that the publisher used to produce years ago. A little lighter here though, since those file packs used to cover the entire Marvel U, but still pretty darn cool. And free too, which is always nice.

Hit this link to head to the official page and start the download.


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