The Guardians of the Galaxy are going infinite

Marvel’s digital ‘Infinite’ brand continues with a look at just who the much talked about (lately) Guardians of the Galaxy really are. And the best part- it’s free.

“It’s super exciting not only to be working on the main series but to also bring these characters to an entirely new audience of fans through these new Infinite Comics,” explained Bendis. “Being that these characters are such a big part of Marvel’s future it only makes sense that they take the spotlight using the future of comic book reading!”

Yep, that’s Brian Michael Bendis in that quote. Just in case you had any thoughts that GotG would be a toss away read since it’s free, Mr. Bendis will be providing the scripts for the series. Art on the new book will be just as impressive as holding down the art chores are Mike Oeming, Ming Doyle & Mike Del Mundo.

Follow the adventures of Drax, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and Gamora in the digital pages of Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite Comics every two weeks via the Marvel Comics App or online in the Marvel Digital Comics Shop. The first issue is available now.

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