The launch trailer arrives for Prey, as the OST hits digital download

Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ Prey is almost here, and you can check out the final trailer and give the soundtrack a listen right now.

The sounds of Prey

As you might be aware, video game soundtracks are ever becoming more the norm. And with the few that I’ve heard in the last few years, that’s a good thing (I still play the Doom OST pretty often. As for Prey here, well I haven’t heard the game’s tunes just yet. If the audio is anywhere near as good as the visuals though, we might be in for a treat.

The soundtrack has just hit for digital download, and you night recognize the artist behind it. It’s none other than Mick Gordon. Remember that Doom OST I mentioned above? He’s responsible for it. According to Bethesda though, you shouldn’t expect the hard riffs and grinding sounds that you heard there though.

They call Prey’s OST “a diverse soundtrack that combines ambient arpeggiated guitars and heart thumping synth beats”. Sound cool? Here’s the track list:

The Prey: Original Game Soundtrack full track list includes:

  • “The Experiment” byMick Gordon
  • “Everything Is Going to Be Okay” byMick Gordon
  • “Typhon Voices” byMick Gordon
  • “The Phantoms” byMick Gordon
  • “Into the Tunnels” byMatt Piersall
  • “Human Elements” byMick Gordon
  • “The Truth Will Set You Free” byMick Gordon
  • “No Gravity” byMick Gordon
  • “Alex Theme” by Mick Gordon
  • “December and January” by Mick Gordon
  • “Neuromods” by Mick Gordon
  • “Stranded” byBen Crossbones
  • “Semi Sacred Geometry” byRaphael Colantonio and Matt Piersall
  • “Mind Game” byRaphael Colantonio, Production and Electronics by Matt Piersall

You can grab a copy of the above right now, via  iTunes, Amazon Music or Google Play.

Launching a new horror

And while the music is here now, the game is right around the corner. Like, this Friday, May the 5th. Here’s one last look at what you’ll be playing when it arrives for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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