The Mask Omnibus coming back to retail from Dark Horse

That wacky Mask is back. Sort of. While it’s not new material, the collected omnibus edition of Dark Horse’s wildest “superhero” is heading back to retail shelves.

Somebody stop me!

When a mystical mask of unknown origin and power is discovered and worn by the nerdy Stanley Ipkiss, it imbues him with limitless cartoon character invulnerability that takes, the police, the mafia, and the monstrous mob muscleman Walter on a colliding violent path of murderous mayhem, lunacy, and destruction! Equally adept with gun, knife, bat, bomb, pie, or bat-knife-gun-pie-bomb, a geek turned super-freak, The Mask cuts a crazed swath of cartoon mayhem!

Did you know that the movie version of the green-faced “hero” earned more than $450 million since its release? That was way back in 1994 by the way, and is nothing to sneeze at. It actually seems like quite a notch for a “niche” character like this one. Even with the hot-at-the-time Jim Carrey in the lead role, I don’t remember it setting the world on fire. Back then though, there wasn’t nearly the fervor surrounding comic book movies that there is now.

If you do like the zany and ridiculously violent character though, then you might be into what Dark Horse has cooked up here. The omnibus is a second printing, collected edition of the books that started it all. Included are “The Mask, The Mask Returns, and The Mask Strikes Back in full size for the first time”.

While the first edition is long gone, this second printing will be hitting stores come April of 2019. Just a fair warning, John Arcudi and Doug Mahnfke’s original take on the character is just a tad more violent than the movie.

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