The Masterplan unfolds on PC and Mac

A crime caper game, The Masterplan is currently raiding PCs and Macs everywhere.

Taking place in the midst of “brutal economic downturn of Richard Nixon’s War on Drugs”, The Masterplan sets players in the shoes of Joey Green and his crew of crooks. And you’ll be heisting all the live-long day here as Green and co have to complete heist after heist on their way to the biggest job of their careers.

Simply put, I don’t think there are too many people out there who don’t like heist movies, so this one should be pretty attractive right off the bat. And it’s pretty sharp looking too with its hand-drawn 2D graphics and 70s era look, all of which is meant to evoke some old school, comic book charm.

Get your crew together and grab some ski masks, The Masterplan is available right now for the PC (both Windows and Linux) as well as the Mac. It’ll cost you $14.99 USD, on sale for a limited time on Steam, GOG, Playfield and the Humble store.

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