The Mountain Monster team goes hunting for Cave Creatures

Season 2 of Destination America’s Mountain Monsters rolls on with the search from a beastie that goes bump in the dark.

In this Friday’s all-new episode, Greenbrier County is noted for having one of the most extensive cave systems in all of Appalachia and, for years, locals have reported the presence of a humanlike creature that passes the winters inside looking for shelter from the elements. Folklore has it that the humanoid corresponds to an old Shawnee legend known as the “Moon-Eyed Man, “and AIMS heads to southeast West Virginia to separate fact from fiction. The team sets a complex system of snare traps underground and tracks the 500-pound Cave Creature who can move like lightening through the twenty-mile Blood Run cave system where the terrain is every bit as dangerous as the creature itself.

Oh those dudes from AIMS, they do get into some situations don’t they? When you think about it, they’re kind of like a mountain-man version of the Scooby Gang. You know, since they hunt monsters and all. Then again, the monsters they go after aren’t just old men in rubber masks, so maybe they’re not all that similar after all.

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See what happens when the AIMS boys tai on the Moon-Eyed Man and the terrifying Cave Creature tonight on Mountain Monsters, airing at 10/9 central.

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