The new Shadow Warrior trailer’s got Wang

August 20, 2013
News, PC


As in Lo Wang. The main character. What did you think I meant?

Developed by Flying Wild Hog through publisher Devolver Digital, Shadow Warrior is a straight-up re-imagining of the classic FPS from the days of Duke Nukem. It’s most definitely an old school styled shooter with that classic ‘shoot everything that moves’ sensibility built right in- just with tons of personality. Probably more than current-gen audiences are used to.

The game aims to make melee combat a centerpiece of the action (though there are plenty of guns too) and it looks like it succeeds in that. The swordplay alone looks better realized than the vast majority of tacked-on FPS melee weaponry too, which is really nice. Most up close and personal hardware in shooters aren’t all that great.

Look for Lo Wang to arrive in Shadow Warrior on the PC this September 26th.

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