The Nintendo 2DS gets crystalline for a pair of new consoles

Have you bitten on a Nintendo 2DS yet? If not, these might change your mind. If so, well, you might be seriously tempted to add a backup to your collection.

Harkening back to the crystal purple GameBoy Color (which was my favorite of that line) these new 2DS’ are mighty tempting indeed- even for me. I had retry much resigned myself to waiting for the New 3DS to arrive next year, but I honestly think these are pretty freaking awesome and I’m not all that sure as to how long I can hold out without picking one up. Especially that blue one.

As you can see, the new crystal 2DS’ come in a pair of flavors, red and blue. These are to (as you might have guessed) celebrate the release of Pokemon Omega and Alpha Sapphire, which’ll be coming up pretty darn soon. The 2DS has all the functionality of the 3DS units from the hardware and software giant, except for two things.

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For starters, there’s no hinged section, which you may or may not be into (I actually prefer not having it). Secondly, there’s no ‘3D’ functionality, which you also might be into, or might not. Personally, the 3D never really works for all that long in my play sessions since I tend to move around a lot while I play and it messes up the 3D image. If that’s you too, then you might want to seriously look at these two bad boys.

The Crystal Red and Blue Nintendo 2DS’ will arrive at retail on November 21st and will cost you $99.00 USD.

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