The official ‘main’ Mad Max trailer is unbelievably awesome

A forgotten franchise till Fury Road was announced, Mad Max is looking like it just might be one of the best movies of 2015, and maybe the best pure action flick in years.

Stunningly awesome right there, I haven’t been this hyped up for an action film since the heyday of the genre in the 80s/90s. Quite honestly too, looking back, I can’t think of another movie in the last few decades that’s looked quite this dark, loaded for bear with action, and (for lack of a better word) mad.

Everything about Mad Max: Fury Road has so far been nothing short of fuel for the mind of an action-junkie. The stunts are massive (and mostly without CG!), where there are special effects, they’re stunning (like with those storms), and the overall ‘feel’ of post-apocalyptic Australia has been spot-on.

I know I might be setting myself up for a letdown, but it’s just so damned hard to not get pumped for this movie. Hopefully it’ll be as great as I’m thinking it will be, and lead to more of the same. And maybe a resurgence in the action film genre too. Fingers crossed.

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Mad Max: Fury Road hits theaters on May 15th.

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