The Orks rough up Battlefleet Gothic in newest warrrg-tastic trailer

The Orks fleet might not be too pretty, but it gets the job done.

Always up for a scrap (and a ramming-good time), the Orkish hordes are flying about Battlefleet Gothic’s sector of space looking for a fight with the Imperium, or anyone else really. Masters of close-combat on solid ground, the Orks space-fleet follows suit with an incredible and unmatched comfort-level when it comes to ramming the hell out of the opposition.

Cracking massive ships in two is no problem for the Orky race’s patchwork craft, as they’re reinforced with pure physicality in mind. And as developer Tindalos explains, they’re one of the most fun races to play in Battlefleet Gothic as a result.

Currently in beta, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada is set to hit the PC on April 21st.

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