The Quarry’s online multiplayer mode has been delayed until July

The Quarry's online multiplayer mode has been delayed until July

Supermassive Games’ next, big narrative horror game, The Quarry, is on track to launch in about a couple weeks. However, it’ll be missing one of the modes that made the studios’ recent games stand out. The online multiplayer mode won’t make the release date for The Quarry and will instead be delayed until July 8.

The announcement came via Twitter earlier today. In a message, Supermassive wrote that it “made the difficult decision to delay the online multiplayer mode” of The Quarry. During the three-week time, the developer will work on it to “deliver the best possible experience.” The Quarry will still launch with local co-op and movie mode for its campaign, but those hoping to survive with a buddy online are out of luck for a short time.


Multiplayer co-op has been a major feature of recent games by the Until Dawn studio. The Dark Pictures Anthology series includes the mode, which allows two players to experience the game together as different characters. Much of the gameplay is shared between players, such as exploration, quick-time events, and narrative choices that dictate story progression.

Going solo, for now

With online multiplayer delayed for The Quarry, co-op fans may want to wait on picking the game up. I’m certainly feeling that way, especially since I’ve finished every game in The Dark Pictures Anthology side by side with a jerk who sometimes gets me killed. I mean, why would you go right when the monster was clearly chasing me to the left? Who does that? But seriously, the co-op mode in these games is all good fun, so it’s a shame to hear it’s taking a back seat for a few weeks.

Regardless, The Quarry is set to release for PC on June 10.

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